Crazy or awesome? Testing a 34 mpj 2,000W standing electric scooter

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- Apr. 2nd 2021 6:42 am PT

The Hero X8 electric scooter from distributor Hero Rider USA may not look outrageous at first, but it hides a powerful secret. Or rather two powerful secrets in the form of dual 1,000W peak-rated motors that give the scooter whiplash acceleration.

Combined with full-suspension for comfort and a flamboyant customizable light show for safety, this scooter packs a lot of features in one small package.

The scooter’s massive 1,500 Wh battery lasts for days of sensible riding or one good long day of unsensible riding.

With a max continuous power draw of 1,600W and a peak draw of 2,000W, that large battery comes in mighty handy to supply those energy-hungry motors.

To see the Hero X8 scooter in action, check out my video review below (it’s definitely worth it for the light show). Then read on for my full thoughts after testing out this powerful electric scooter.

The power this thing posses is just mind-boggling. You can put it in lower power modes or even single-motor operation to tame the power a bit, or you can leave it unlimited and hang on for a wild ride.

After a day or two I got pretty used to the throttle and became better at feathering it for smoother starts, but it still packs some serious torque that gets you flying up to speed quickly. It’s really something amazing just how much power is lurking in those two small 8-inch wheels.

The wheels themselves wear these wide 3.1-inch tires that are street-optimized but can handle mild off-roading as well. I mostly rode on asphalt, but found that I could easily handle grassy shortcuts without feeling like I would slide all over the place.

The spring suspension also adds a degree of comfort that the airless tires are missing. Airless tires are a huge maintenance upgrade since you never have to worry about a flat tire – you just ride until your tires are bald and then eventually replace them. The downside to airless tires is they make for a harsher ride. But with full-suspension electric scooters, you get the best of both worlds. The ride is comfortable and the tires never go flat!

The handlebar height felt fine to me, but I’m only 5’7″ or 170 cm. The company told me they offer a 4″ handlebar riser for tall riders, so they’ve got you covered there if you need it.

The folding mechanism at the bottom of the handlebar stem is also nice and sturdy – a welcome sight on a scooter that flies up to 34 mph (55 km/h)!

As a commuter scooter, that speed is helpful for maintaining speed when mixing it up with urban traffic. Just like how slow e-bikes tend to get passed on the side of the road, often dangerously close, slow scooters suffer the same problem. I generally stick to bike lanes when I’m riding slower scooters, but these faster scooters allow me to actually hit the streets from time to time when there is room to really open them up and take advantage of their speed. Of course that requires responsible riding, as e-scooters are inherently more dangerous than e-bikes. I’m always extra careful on scooters and try to be hyper aware of my surroundings for that very reason.

In another nod to safety, the Hero X8 is surrounded by bright lighting. Not only do you have conventional head and tail lights, but multicolor deck lighting makes the scooter impossible to miss at night. You can choose between hundreds of color combinations ranging from simple solids to flashing and pulsing rainbow-colored light shows. Check out my video above to see the light show in action – it’s quite impressive!

The Hero X8 starts at $1,449, though the higher-end models with larger batteries add to the price.

I tested out the highest-end model with the large 1,500 Wh battery. It is priced at $1,799.

When you compare it to something like a $400 scooter or something like those used by Bird, that obviously seems crazy.

But when you compare it to high-quality e-bikes that a potential commuter-focused shopper might be considering as an alternative, the price is suddenly a lot more reasonable.

This price range is pretty much par for the course when it comes to full-suspension electric scooters with dual motors, large batteries, hydraulic disc brakes, and other features that add to the cost.

So while the price may shock some people, those who regularly commute by high-power electric scooter won’t flinch.

I’ve ridden plenty of fast and powerful electric scooters before, and the Hero X8 deserves to sit right up there with the best of the on-road options.

Its tires and suspension are better designed for the urban jungle, which is exactly where it excels.

As a commuter electric scooter, it offers a great combination of high power, fast speeds, and good build quality, plus an impressive light show that is sure to keep you noticed.

What do you think of the Hero X8 electric scooter? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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