Motorbike - Test: Kumpan 54i:gnite - Stromern at a breakneck pace -

2022-10-16 17:30:12 By : Ms. helen lee

If you don't want to be bullied by cars on the e-scooter, you have to invest in performance and batteries.This costs money, but it is also a lot of fun, as the example of the Kumpan 54i:gnite showsThere are now many electric scooters for little money, but users usually have to do without them.With the Kumpan 54i:gnite there is an alternative that draws on the full in terms of performance, speed and battery capacity.Especially in terms of longitudinal dynamics, the zero-emission 125 makes for a lot of fun.However, if you want to take the Kumpan on a long journey, you have to invest heavily.No, the 54i:gnite is not a Vespa.It is probably not entirely by chance that Kumpan's top model resembles the Italian classic, but it is not perceived as a brazen copy.In any case, in terms of elegance and depth of quality, it cannot hold a candle to the mass-produced Vespas.The single-track electric vehicle, which is largely produced in Germany, is also larger in all dimensions and looks a bit clumsy in some details, for example due to the less filigree rear two-arm swing arm.But unlike many Chinese-made e-scooter models, the 54i:gnite doesn't look cheap.This is ensured, among other things, by futuristic-looking LED lights or the red seat cover, which sets a chic contrast to the gray painted trim parts.This chic also allows you to overlook some of the gaps between the plastic parts that do not always perfectly interlock.The ignition lock has had its day with the Kumpan.Instead, there is a contact surface in the cockpit over which a small plastic card is held to wake the vehicle electronics from its slumber.Alternatively, it can be unlocked using the Kumpan app on your smartphone.The drive is then “armed” by pressing the OK button on the control pad on the right-hand side of the handlebar and pressing both brake levers. The large 7-inch color display is impressive and not only offers individually configurable display modes and various setting options for the offers drive, but is also touch-sensitive.Instead of using the control pad, some functions, such as unlocking the seat, can be triggered by pressing the fingertip on the corresponding display symbol.Under the seat is the Kumpan's treasure chamber, because three solid-looking and smartly packaged battery packs are in the large, but also largely filled storage compartment. On the top, they show their current level on a small monochrome display. All three batteries are removable and can be transported to a socket. Alternatively, the batteries can remain in the scooter , because behind the flapA socket for connecting a charger is hidden under the visible brand logo in the front panel.Here, Kumpan offers a standard fast charger as well as an optional fast charger for fleet customers.To fill up the batteries with a total capacity of 4.5 kWh takes over 9 hours with the simple charger.With the fast charger, the procedure can be reduced to a good four hours.In view of the generously dimensioned power storage unit, a generous range window is also to be expected.Kumpan promises up to 110 and an average of 80 kilometers with three batteries.In practice, however, it was only a good 60 kilometers in our case.The reason for the moderate range yield is, however, a good one, because given the seductively lively drive, it is simply difficult to drive in Eco mode with a range-optimized.The hub motor in the rear wheel delivers 7 kW/9.4 hp and a whopping 141 Newton meters of torque.Instead of being bullied by cars in city traffic, you remain in control of the traffic situation at all times.It's great fun to effortlessly and almost silently outrun everyone else in Sport mode - which is actually the default mode.However, the range degression is also very dynamic in the fast pace.A notable advantage of the Kumpan is the parallel power draw from the batteries, while many other scooters require cumbersome replugging as soon as a battery pack is empty.The 54i:gnite is not only lively in the city, it can even keep up with the speed of the country road.On level roads, it just about reaches three-digit regions, and according to the speedometer, it can even go 110 km/h downhill.Even then, the nimble Stromer feels stable and safe.Only on bumps does the tightly dampening telescopic fork occasionally cause a bit of unrest in the steering.Nevertheless, the Kumpan drives quite comfortably overall.The seating position is also good, even for taller drivers.The feet have plenty of space behind the leg shield, but find little grip on the slippery floor, especially when it is wet.The combi brake system with one brake disc per wheel is more binding, which can be applied and decelerated strongly if desired, but could still be finely dosed.Long curves suit the 54i:gnite, with smaller radii it seems a bit awkward.The top model from Kumpan with at least two batteries that are on board costs a whopping 7,000 euros.Battery No. 3 costs 1,400 euros extra.That's a lot of money for a light motorcycle, for a single-track electric vehicle with a speed of around 100 km/h it's quite normal.A high level of performance requires a high battery capacity, which unfortunately costs money.After all: As a 125, the Kumpan automatically qualifies for the GHG quota, which is expected to save over 2,000 euros in the coming years.In addition, the energy costs per 100 kilometers will probably remain under two euros in the long term, despite rising electricity prices.Kumpan 54i:gnite - Technical data: Motor: air-cooled brushless DC motor, 7 kW/9.4 hp, 141 Nm;wheel hub direct drive;two lithium-ion batteries, each 1.5 kWh.Chassis: tubular steel frame, front telescopic fork, 8.8 cm spring travel;Rear aluminum double-sided swingarm, two spring struts, manually adjustable preload, 6.5 cm spring travel;cast alloy wheels;Tires 110/70-12 front, 120/70-12 rear.19.5 cm single disc brake at the front, 1.85 cm at the rear, combination brake system.Dimensions and weights: wheelbase 1.354 m, seat height 83.7 cm, weight ready to drive 102 kg (two batteries), permissible total weight 280 kg.Performance: top speed 96 km/h, range (test, three batteries): 60 kilometers (sport) to 88 kilometers (comfort).Price: from 7,000 euros (three batteries: 8,398 euros).