New Apollo Pro Electric Hyper Scooter Is Big On Features And Performance

2022-07-24 07:57:17 By : Mr. xiao dai

Let's face it, electric scooters have become such a common thing, that oftentimes they can easily be disregarded and unworthy of a second glance. Seriously, all these cheap Chinese e-scoots have given otherwise decent electric scooters a mediocre image. The scooter we're here to talk about today, however, is anything but mediocre, and boasts some cutting-edge tech and borderline scary performance. 

One company that has always stood for tech innovations in the e-scooter space is Apollo, and it's just released its newest scooter, the Pro, which it claims to be the first Hyper Scooter. For starters, this electric scooter packs quite a punch, with a pair of 1,200W electric motors capable of propelling this thing to a top speed of 43 miles per hour. Furthermore, its 30Ah lithium battery provides a range of up to 62 miles on a single charge. The battery is housed in the Apollo Pro's solid unibody frame which has been constructed out of aircraft-grade aluminum. The scooter's robust frame can support riders up to 150 kilograms in weight.

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Apollo Pro rolls on 12-inch wheels with what the brand claims to be "self-healing" tires. A front and rear hydraulic suspension system is designed to soak up bumps, while front and rear drum brakes with regenerative braking added to the mix put the scooter to a stop. Additionally, the scooter's deck is wide, allowing you to take a comfortable stance, and place your feet anywhere you like. To add to the list of fancy features, Apollo has developed a nifty 360-degree lighting system, ensuring maximum visibility to you and to other road users from all angles. The lights can be customized to your preferences via the Apollo mobile app. 

On the tech side, Apollo brags of the Pro being one of the most technologically advanced e-scooters out there. Indeed, the grocery list of features is long enough to put some cars to shame. for starters, It comes with 10 different sensors, a sophisticated battery management system, and built-in GPS connectivity. The Apollo Pro doesn't have a display; instead, it uses your smartphone as the instrument cluster. To access all the functions and controls, simply put your phone into the special phone holder. You won't ever run out of battery power when using the app while on the road thanks to the holder's wireless charging capabilities.

As for pricing and availability, the Apollo Pro is by no means cheap, and is expected to retail at $3,600 USD. Shipping is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2023, but the scooter can be reserved now for a $20 deposit. 

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