TVS works on a hydrogen-powered electric scooter

2022-09-04 21:16:04 By : Ms. Aihua Dai

Lately, the documents presented by the brands to patent their future products is a mine to be able to obtain information, as is the case of the future TVS Motor Company hydrogen scooter.In this way we have learned that the Indian company TVS is developing an electric scooter powered by hydrogen.The Indian brand joins a trend that is already being developed by Suzuki with its future hydrogen scooter or by Yamaha in its hydrogen V8 engine, although in this second case the gas is used as fuel in an adapted traditional engine and not as battery for an electric motor.From the filtered images we can see that at first glance the new scooter does not differ much aesthetically from traditional combustion scooters.But if we look closer we see two tanks located behind the front shield that would be responsible for storing hydrogen.There is also a large fuel cell under the seat that would replace the battery in the case of electric scooters.Likewise, this new TVS Motor Company scooter would have a small battery located under the flat platform to optimize its performance.In the absence of having information about its engine and its performance, everything seems to indicate that the engine would be placed in the rear wheel hub.We will keep an eye on this new green TVS project that may offer another alternative to electric vehicles.Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Discover our subscription offers in paper or digital version.